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Art Gallery «N-Prospect»




Still life

АбстракцияAbstract painting



СоцреализмSocialist realism

The art Gallery N-Prospect- keeper of the best artistic traditions in the field of modern art opened its doors on October 22, 2007. It won recognition of the Petersburgers and guests of the city for less than a year. The Gallery N-Prospect is located in eight halls in a historic building in the Nevsky Prospect and owns a magnificent collection of art works. Any season you are welcome to have a look at the exhibitions and discover the modern artworks.

The Gallery collection includes works of the Russian painters (Moscow, St. Petersburg, Ekaterinburg, Nizhny Novgorod, Russia, Penza and Tula) of the previous and current centuries, as well as the foreign artists from Italy, Switzerland, England, United States, Ukraine, and Armenia. Numbering in more than four thousand artistic paintings it is based on classical traditions of the realistic school which is highly esteemed worldwide and kindred to the Russian spirit. The collection brings together works of appreciated masters and talented young artists at the very start of their creative development. The socialist realism paintings are the special pride of the collection. The Gallery participates actively in the life of modern art and also performs programs of charity and culture. Comprehensive and ever-growing art collection leaves nobody indifferent, and genre variety and individual brushwork can undoubtedly gratify artistic taste of the most sophisticated modern viewers.

The Gallery absorbs you in the art world. We arrange thematic art shows for connoisseurs. The Gallery also sells paintings including collection items to all concerned. A painting can make an original and valuable gift. Purchasers are welcome to phone the Gallery and get all-round information. Sale of paintings is an important activity of the Gallery. In an exceptional case when the purchase is not possible, the Gallery N-Prospect will offer a reproduction of the item you love.

Our collection of modern realist paintings numbers several thousands. You can easily find one attracting your interest and buy it. We hope that your visit to our art show will please you, bring closer to art and make a perfect gift for yourself or your family and friends!

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