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Leonid Zaborovskiy

Leonid Zaborovskiy

One of the most important aspects that determine the choice of the artist's palette is geographical location of the place he lives in. In such a way, nature colors of Chernigov region became the source of bright and clear colors of the canvases of Leonid Zaborovskiy.

His daring painting, employing laconic but very expressive means, renders the heat of nature and sultriness of the air, burned out by the southern sun. The whole art work of the artist could be entitled as the "color of life". Such masterpieces as "Summer Heat" (2008), "At the Country Estate of I. E. Repin" (2008), or "Vineyards" (2008) serve joyful representation of his art. They possess the temperament of the master, expressiveness of his brush stroke and vividness of colors. The art work of the National Artist of Ukraine V. D. Bernadskiy can be considered the origin of the painting of L. Zaborovskiy (Bernadskiy was also born in Chernigov region).

Zaborovskiy works in several techniques but always stays faithful to his only "original" - the nature. Landscape occupies the leading place in his creative work, and still life is in the second place. Genre and portrait painting can rarely be seen among the artist's canvases. Some works, such as "Morning Stillness" (2008) and "Evening" (2008) are at the interfaces between genre and landscape. It is possible to regard them as a genre in landscape, for the characters in these paintings live in an indivisible unity with the nature cycle. The "Portrait on Plein Air" (2008) serves another proof of how harmoniously the environment and the model interact in the art of Zaborovskiy: the girl practically vanishes in nature, even her glass-beads and earrings can be mistaken for juicy cherry. The large canvas "Recollections" (1992) is based on a live dialogue of two very bright women, whose faces vividly reflect their characters, their lives and a whole epoque that is gone.

Landscapes of L. Zaborovskiy give clear understanding of the evolution of his approach to the pictured motive. In "Chagany Cape" (2007) the artist employs differently directed textured strokes and thus creates a tangible feeling of seagulls' flight, of waving grass and soaring clouds, in other words, he makes evident the closeness to the nature. "Risnitsa River" (2008) was painted with the deep intimate feeling of the nature: the artist bravely structures the forms instinctively following natural rhythms. On the other hand, in "Cold Horizons" (2008) the author harmonizes the painting by separate stains of color. Sublime calmness of the field is highlighted be repeating horizontal lines that forms the general peaceful mood of the work. The canvases "Sednev Hills" (2008) and "Slobozhansk Views" (2008) are composed in a familiar way - by the lines of several grounds. Quite remarkable is the work "Chilly Morning" (2005) where expression and generalization find their fullest representation. Laconic form and silhouette line that are characteristic for Zaborovskiy can be observed in such masterpieces as "At Dawn" (2008) and "Until the Sunset" (2008). In the latter, the colors of Ukrainian sunset nature and shaded brush strokes imitate velvety southern night that gradually covers the cooling earth.

A pair of landscapes "Oak Grove" (2008) and "Birch Wood" (2008) form a peculiar diptych. One can observe the same difference as in the other works depicting two seasons - snow-white winter and green summer. "Oak Grove" is a hymn to the strength of a tree that imprudently stretched out its robust branches. "Birch Wood" is a song dedicated to a slender native Russian tree. This painting of Zaborovskiy is one of the most beautiful in color.

A large canvas "Sunny Snov" reveals skillful and distinctive approach of the master. Wide strokes, mirror-like built composition and dynamic direction of the eye deep into horizon remind of the grandiose "Lake. Russia" by I. Levitan. In general, L. Zaborovskiy is close to the Russian landscape school that started from I. Levitan and was continued by K. Korovin, N. Krimov and K. Yuon. The works "Winter" (2009) and "IThe Rain Is Coming" (2007) are kept very close to this tradition. It should be mentioned that Nikolay Krimov, as a passionate admirer of the painting of Isaac Levitan, valued in his works "truthfulness", "lightness" and "materiality of different elements of nature". All these qualities indicating the highest skill of the artist are inherent to the painting of L. Zaborovskiy. Captivating ability of the artist to combine complementary colors make his masterpieces even more profound ("Morning Shades", 2008; "Birch Wood", 2008).

The painting of Leonid Zaborovskiy proves the simple truth that an artist can reach the highest expressiveness with laconic means only when he relies on a serious school of academic training. It is the professional skill, or, in other words, the perfect knowledge of the aspects of painting, that provides an easy way to the search of an individualistic manner. Audacity and virtuosity of Zaborovskiy came as a result of many years of practice and aspiration for perfection in painting.

Personal exhibition of Leonid Zaborovskiy in the "N-Prospect" Art Gallery in Saint-Petersburg (July 2009) demonstrates variety of genres of the artist and conveys an astonishing conception of color and light.

Ekaterina Goudze

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