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«Hippology in Art»

"Horse in Art"

«Hippology in Art»

05.07.2012 - 25.07.2012
Gallery «N-Prospect» St. Petersburg

"There are three most beautiful things in the World: a horse galloping, a woman dancing and a tea clipper, rushing in full sail."

The Art Gallery "N-Prospect" together with CJSC "Investment Department of Trade", LLC "Istok", The Horse Breeding Partnership, the Museum of Horse Breeding (Moscow) and Diamond Co Ltd Advertising Agency invite everyone for whom horses are a close theme, who is not indifferent to the beauty and plasticity of these animals at the Exhibition "Hippology in art" which will be held at The Gallery "N-Prospect" in St. Petersburg on July 5-25, 2012.

The exhibition provides more than 100 paintings, among them the works of outstanding artists of St. Petersburg (Titov E., Lyapkalo V., Isypov S.), of Moscow (Borisova E., Finagenov D., Glukharev A.), of Ryazan (Loginova A .) and Rostov (Koroleva F.).
The works are presented in different genres and techniques.

The aim of the project is to unite various activities and interests of people in the horse concept.

Part of the proceeds from the exhibition will be sent to ANO "Save the Horse» for care of horses who have suffered from cruel treatment.

The project oriented to draw public attention to following questions:
• maintenance and support of rare breeds of horses
• protect horses from cruel treatment
• promotion of equestrian sports among children and teenagers
• rehabilitation of physically challenged through hippotherapy
• education in the history of horse breeding and equestrian sports
In the frame of project thematic presentations, seminars and trainings will be held at The Gallery "N-Prospect".

The meaning of horse in today's society can not be overvalued.

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