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Personal exhibition of Andrey Figol

Personal exhibition of Andrey Figol

Personal exhibition of Andrey Figol

05.04.2008 - 25.04.2008
Gallery «N-Prospect»
St. Petersburg

Creative work of Andrei Figol, while not neglecting the tradition and honoring its achievements, fits naturally in modern painting with its variety of styles and means of expressiveness. Based on close observation of the course of life in nature and in modern society, accumulating impressions worldwide, being in constant dialogue with his figurative thinking, the artist creates really original works of art.

Figol is capable of vivid and emotional imprinting a transient condition of nature by means of paints. It would be hard to find his match in this The tradition of realistic landscape school going back from marinas by " the small Dutch", is clearly traced in Figols works especially at an early stage. His strong feeling for his native land and love of Slav soil give rise to surprisingly poetical images.

Here the artist's palette can be quite restrained in particular across the whole pearly gamut of Russian landscape.

At the same time, endowed with imagination and artistic flair of the true artist, Figol searches for greater. What he has once seen in Paris, Savona or Venice, is transformed subsequently into surprisingly bright and expressive paintings and images. It is a mirage, it is a game with open and joyful colors... Sparks of pure color, running one against the other , model the space of the canvas. The spectator unintentionally finds himself in captivity of this feast of colors

The artist's work is also inspired by the masters of Russian painting of the end of the 19th - the beginning of the 20th century, among them N.I.Feshin, K.A.Korovin, F.A.Malyavin, to name a few. Figol derives inspiration not only from contemplating the beauty of architectural forms, nature, or a female body.

In his bold brush work and colouristic solutions, in the way he models the space Figol closely approaches the great teachers. This continuity of tradition most strikingly manifests itself in the still life paintings.

"Wine and fruits ", an unpretentious and laconic name conceals the whole world of impetuous expression. The construction of the composition, the academic modeling of space, the power of presentation and the richness of paints give rise to a surprising feeling: the spectator builds up a rapport with Korovin's art as well as with the masters of the classical Dutch still life of the 17th century. At the same time, the artist is original, he does not aim at joining up with the great names, he does not imitate, but he creates something new in art.

Still another aspect of Figol's creativity shows up in the representation of colors as colors of life. These are picturesque panels in which the artist discloses his admiration of the beautiful around us. Not overstepping the limits of sincere admiration and not entering the province of the naive and sentimental, Figol balances in the dreamland.

Figol's impressionistic vision of the world finds its brightest embodiment in the portrait "Angelina". The reflexes reach the limits in the intensity, the uncontrollable daub and the force of influence of pure color make this small work of art unique. Many-sided talent, the diversity of genres in Figol's creative work are in keeping with the quest of the contemporary who tries himself in different spheres of activity, aspiring to comprehend and explore the new opportunities and technologies.

Ekaterina Goudze
Platon Petrov

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