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Personal exhibition of Sergey Inkatov

Personal exhibition of Sergey Inkatov

Personal exhibition of Sergey Inkatov

16.05.2009 - 16.06.2009
Gallery «N-Prospect»
St. Petersburg

Sergey Inkatov is an artist that seems to be naturally united with his paintings. Southern blood serves the best explanation for his emotional art work. Path of a future painter was defined by his father, who also became his first teacher and guide. Then proceeded years of private master-classes and studies at the Art School of Baku. Most probably, it is then that the unique style of the artist was formed. And it is in his native Baku, where one should look for the origins of an irrepressible expression of his canvases. Change of a scenery that came with his move to Tver and Venetsianov Art School, marked another period of a skill development. Finally, the artist became mature enough to face the world of a professional painter on his own. And the city, that greeted him on this new step, was Tallinn.

Sometimes the world built with a brush of an artist looks just like what we see around us. And sometimes characters and things exist in an imaginary dimension, created by an author. S. Inkatov prefers the second way. Trying to avoid evanescence, the artist picks quite tangible subjects, arranging them according to his artistic intuition. Thus, an almost indescribable creation is born. We see a composition that borrows means of expression from an applique work, stained glass and German expressionism. That is a basis of an inimitable rhythm-and-color design of the oeuvres of S. Inkatov. The art work of Inkatov is as multi-sided as the forms, depicted by him. Following one stylistic line the painter manages to find special approaches to every genre: brightness and sharpness for still-lives, combination of geometrical forms for urban landscapes, dynamic strokes for abstract compositions. Works of the artist picturing a man show features of the genre. They produce emotional and visual unison, harmonizing fantastic and real. For example, in the painting «Evening» an alternative world comes to life combining imagination and skill of the author.

Still-lives by S. Inkatov attract by their vividness and daring spirit. Sapful stains of pomegranates, lemons and pears lay on a table. The artist «builds» the composition, finding each bright item its place and balancing the whole image. Highly contrasting with a background, they cast reflexes on surrounding items, bringing together all the pieces.

S. Inkatov tends to accentuate the silhouettes of the subjects, reaching an effect of an applique art. His still-lives and urban landscapes perfectly illustrate this method. Architecture of a city is viewed by the artist as a combination of separate plain wall surfaces, roof and dome slopes. In the paintings «Journey to a City» and «Old City» fantastic masses of geometrical figures produce a feeling of its weightlessness and toylike nature. Urban landscapes of S. Inkatov are frequently concentrated on notional and compositional center, for example, on a tower or a temple dome. Thus, a strong pivot merges from a variety of mixed forms that begin to gain order and significance. In such paintings as «After Rain», «White Temple», «Toll», the author conveys the way in which the temple architecture can unite calm spirituality and rhythmical roof and wall lines.

With the help of scarcely perceptible shades of colors and forms, S. Inkatov highlights individuality of the cities of Tallinn («The Quay»), Baku («The City of Childhood»), Strasbourg, and Venice («Twilight in Venice», «Memories»). Thanks to this approach, a spectator has a chance to percept these places through the eyes of the artist.

Romantic spirit and predilection for rendering movement and dynamics became a source for a series of peculiar marines: «Yellow Regatta», «Sails», «Regatta», etc. The artist never depicts sailing vessels as a passive onlooker. They reflect his particular emotional state: quietly floats a «Yellow Fleet»; «Sails» remind of shark dorsals; in «Regatta» one can observe a competition for speed; and the «Quay» is decorated for a festival.

Using silhouette forms and constructive approach S. Inkatov gradually deforms and ruins fineness of an image. Firstly, a spectator is forced to look at familiar subjects through a distorting curtain. Then, these subjects are turned into a pieceless flow of imagination. This is the way «А Dream», «Return» and «Moonlight» were created. In this tangle of colors we would rather feel the artist's message than understand it in our mind. Tenebrous and cold gamut of colors in the canvases of S. Inkatov is tellingly enlivened with bright strokes. Flashes of inimitable colors blaze like precious stones — crimson, emerald, azure, sapphirine, and amber. Coloristic expression is emphasized by a particular configuration of hues. An artistic manner of the painter is also worth a separate word. Pastous brush strokes intersect, glide over the surface of a background and melt into a new sounding of colors. The artist pays much attention to a specific character of material, developing various strokes to emphasize the texture. Divisionary and short dabs mould the fruit, and constructive and rough strokes model the architecture. Flowing strokes are perfect for draperies, and soft and delicate ones — for flowers.

Figurative and daring artistic manner — that is what generates powerful and thoughtful works of S. Inkatov. Depicted subjects, as well as his painting in whole, are always tangible, no matter how many dimensions they present. The works of S. Inkatov reflect a unique approach to a coloristic and formal design of a painting.

Ekaterina Goudze

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