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Personal exhibition of Vladimir Piven

Personal exhibition of Vladimir Piven

Personal exhibition of Vladimir Piven

05.04.2008 - 25.04.2008
Gallery «N-Prospect»
St. Petersburg

A tireless experimenter and visionary, V.Piven creates his own expressive audacious style in painting. Taking the forms of the real world as the starting point in his works, he is not capable of remaining long under their charm. He is excited by subtleties of the subconscious, he tests the possibilities and scale of his own imagination. With no restraint, the artist transforms the motive noticed in nature into his own decorative-picturesque composition.

V.Piven travels a lot, and landscapes in his paintings reflect the brightest pages of memories from the once seen. We recognize the Venetian gondola, and the Dutch ship, but we see them through the artists eyes . Masterly wielding the brush and the palette-knife, V.Piven now puts his daubs under different angles to one another, as it was done by M.A.Vrubel, then he searches for the most characteristic picturesque expression which would represent the particular state of nature. Being especially strong impressed by the elements of water and the sky, in his marinas he freely experiments with reflexes and the type of the daub which now smoothly lies under the form and level out, now splits up and acts on the foreground.

Landscapes of the South Crimea (" Southern motive ", etc.), both real and fabulously ideal, convincingly manifest especially warm feelings of the artist to these places. Various buildings in a circle of tall cypresses seem as if taken out from nature and transferred to a fantastic lofty world of dream. The generous southern sun must have infused the artist with love for bright colors and bold contrasts with the use of additional colors of the spectrum.

V.Piven in his works uses the effects of the focused image to the advantage ("After Rain ", "Flowers of the Sun ", " Blue-Bonnest"). As if taken from the depth of the consciousness by the flash of the momentary inspiration, large flowers distinctly come forward on the foreground. Masterly combining the advantages of oil painting and features of a decorative panel, the artist extracts one separate layer from the infinite stream of life ("Splash", etc.). He builds up a composition, frequently varying the same module, rhythmically alternating spots of color. Thus the canvas itself can become the module because the format of the painting does not constrain the imagination of the spectator - the intertwined unity of the repeating motive can be continued indefinitely.

Another facet of V.Pivens art is manifested in the canvases in which he rendered the vibration of life (" Morning Glimmer ", " Warm Fog ", etc.). This effect is reached by skilful use of the pulsating, mobile, sometimes a little caustic stroke.

The artist's imagination in each concrete case is focused on finding the adequate form of expression. However in spite of style variations V.Piven nevertheless remains true to his own talent. It is difficult to find the sources of his art in Russian or European art traditions but is it necessary in the fist place? We witness to the bright self-sufficient event in the world of art, we have to observe it closely without distracting our attention

Ekaterina Goudze
Platon Petrov

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