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Personal exhibitions Eugene Kakovkin

Personal exhibitions Eugene Kakovkin

Personal exhibitions Eugene Kakovkin

14.06.2008 - 06.07.2008
Gallery «N-Prospect»
St. Petersburg

Evgeniy Kakovkin's painting stands apart from the mainstream of modern fine arts. A subtle perception of the mood and state of nature, the soft and extremely harmonious color scale, lyricism and the motives that are not time-variant, - these are the unique features of his canvases. Kakovkins Russian landscapes are filled with an especially sharp feeling of love to native land. These small works emanate the warmth of grandma's fairy tales.

Almost staffage figures of people slowly moving in time with the rhythm of nature, engaged in their day-to-day chores, enliven, as bright sparks, these spiritualized and hospitable landscapes. The life of people in Evgeniy Kakovkins paintings is completely governed by the natural cycle.

Unassuming subjects and sincere love of the native land ("Sunset", "A girl with a sheaf of hay" remind one of the landscapes of the Barbison school which are. penetrated with the same feeling.

A the same time, in these Kakovkins works one can feel quiet melancholy and eternal wistfulness, characteristic of nature of central Russia. In summer, trees and ground are covered with fluffy foliage, in winter - with dazzling white and crunchy snow blanket. The way in which the artist interprets the sceneries and peasants' life in the lap of nature, is in unison with Nekrasov's poetry.

Another theme of E. Kakovkins art - landscapes which depict the element of water. Romanticism of bad weather and the subject components of these sceneries send the viewer to F.Vasilev's landscapes ("the Forgotten Mooring"), and to the Dutch sea landscape as well ("The Sailing Vessel in the Sea").

All landscapes of E.Kakovkin are penetrated by the tremendous sensation of movement of air masses. The artist masterly paints clouds, all space of his canvases is permeated with unostentatious uniformly spread light.

E.Kakovkin is a fine colourist; in his works there is no scrupulous study of details, but for all that the general tonality of the state of nature is seized. In a word, he creates a landscape of mood. Thus the spectator, plunging into the world of his paintings, loses the sense of time. Nature in the artists works always follows the once set rhythm, so that the subjects of his pictures, not belonging to certain epoch, can be placed into the 19th., or 20th, or 21st centuries alike.

The interplay of light, air and the subjective world on the canvases of the master creates a surprising sensation of the alive breathing nature. Evgeniy Kakovkin is always true to his artistic style and to his faultless taste.

Ekaterina Goudze

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