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Personal exhibitions Ivan Ageev

Personal exhibitions Ivan Ageyev

Personal exhibitions Ivan Ageev

24.08.2008 - 20.09.2008
Gallery «N-Prospect»
St. Petersburg

Ivan Ivanovich Ageev was born on September 3rd, 1950 in the village of Kopkun, the Novosibirsk Region, in the family of an office worker.

Already in his earliest years he was drawn to the beautiful, bright, the wonders of nature. As a schoolboy, he collects picture post-cards with the images of flowers, ornaments, still-lifes.

After finishing high school, he served the call-up period in the Soviet Army, and then entered the art-graphic department of the Maxim Gorkii Omsk State Pedagogical Institute (1974-1980). Upon graduation from the institute, he worked as a high school drawing teacher in his native village, taking at the time a position at the industrial-art enterprise of Novosibirsk.

In 1983 he moved to Moscow. In Moscow he got acquainted with Feodor Voloshko, the professor of the Moscow Academic Art-Industrial School (formerly, Stroganov School) who became his mentor and instructor.

As a painter Ivan Ageev is spiritually close to the classical Russian art. He is a creator. He is a dreamer. He is the colourist who prolongs a short life of color, prolongs it with a variety of landscapes, views of his native places, introducing architecture as an integral part of a landscape. Such are: "Spring", "Suzdal", "Bridge", "The Winter Landscape ", "Small Village". His urban landscapes take on new plastic forms of expression. While retaining the purity of color and light, in the composition and structure these pictures have a distinctive character of their own:"Spring", "Late Autumn", "Sails", "Evening on the Gulf".

In all his works he is unmistakably Ageev, master of landscape, with his own approach to details and phenomena. He is classical and at the same time modern and unaffected. His landscapes often suggest the unusual and moving which is warmly appreciated by the spectator. Sincere and integral personality, overwhelmed with love for nature , open and frank, Ivan Ageev generously shares this wealth with the spectator.

His canvases vary in color, are lively in technique with deep pictorial nuances, diverse in contrasts, with the open rhythms and dynamic brush stroke. Ageev's works display both complexity and simplicity : a triptych "City", "Flood", " Autumn in Bogolybovo", "Autumn poetry".

In his pictures the artist expresses himself first of all in the color scale, sharp, at times unexpected, stroke and above all, in the unusual approach to the compositional solutions. For him it is not important what material he works with , canvas or cardboard. His creative manner is so varied, that it conducts our imagination to the Italian painting, to works by the French impressionists. He is able to absorb many influences - but to absorb them: he is unmistakably an artist of Russian classical traditions: "Evening on the Gulf", "Perfection", "The landscape in tension Landscape", "City".

This fact speaks about the big skill of the author, his irreproachably masterly stroke, audacious solutions of pictorial layout in canvasses: "North", "Winter in Village", "Evening on the Gulf ".

And here are landscapes "Late autumn", "Village", "Autumn Light" -multiplanar three-dimensional, they captivate you by the beautiful ochre colour scale. These landscapes are filled with the music of painting and nature. There are landscapes which are close to the constructivism, but Ageev only aims to tell and describe the material environment in which man lives. The author has produced series of landscapes where his palette is so beautiful and engaging that one would love to travel with the author within his compositions solved with geometrical precision.. Side by side with these works, we see light, soft transition from cold tones to warmer daubs. I refer to the landscapes from the "Impression of Montenegro" series.

The artist is endowed with a gift to feel the unconstrained play of paints, to convert his dream into the natural existence of subjects on a canvas. This is clearly manifested in his landscapes: "Flood", "Autumn", "Moorage", "Winter in Village".

And how much kindness and tenderness in still-lifes!

How much love to the subjects: "Flowers in a Dark Blue Vase ", "Delight", "The Autumn Still-Life". All subjects in still-lifes are three-dimensional alive in color and form. They speak the artist's language which makes us fall in love with these works and enables us to see once again the beautiful, poetic and sincere. The artist perfects his skill in this genre which reflects the most intimate movements of his soul. At first sight, usual and ordinary subjects have nothing special to offer, but the artist finds a place for each line, for to each color spot with the result that the beauty of nature reigns on the canvas.

Ivan Ageev travels much, hence the diversity of subjects of his pictures. They open for the viewer secrets of nature. He is observant and sensitive. He is always recognized- consider, for example his landscapes: "Spring", "Little Glade", "Flood", "Winter in Village ", " Late Autumn ", "Early Spring ", "Moorage". These works show that he has a palette of a creative colourist: there is a sky across which gray-blue clouds hasten , and below, there are greens of woods, glades or meadows, sometimes mirror-blue water. All this fascinates, admires and carries away.

Ageev's art is distinguished by yet another feature. He sharply softens the dynamics of vertical lines and the plane of a contour, muffling the colour of green-gray tones, and does this harmoniously, easily and surely. This is especially visible in the landscapes: "North", "The City Landscape", "Autumn in Mordysh".

A separate analysis is called for the canvas "Nu". The artist imposes nothing, letting each spectator read the picture in his own way. He transfers on the canvas the most secret creation of nature - the beauty of a female body. In a manly manner, audaciously, with brush strokes broad and vigorous, the open color, irreproachable possession of the treatment of light and shade Ageev creates a portrait of the naked. The psychology of the model is complex and rich and this is reflected in the complex and rich color scale. The palette grows lighter. This work is a proof that the artist is on the way to perfection of his skill.

High demands the artist places on himself, a huge number of sketches and studies, his taking part in many exhibitions both home and abroad give us the right to be pleased, proud and expect new pictorial works from Ivan Ageev.

Ageev is the painter capable of spontaneity, of the most powerful dramatic imagery, of deep thoughts and aspirations. He finely and beautifully reproduces in pictorial plastic the images of beloved nature, tells of his love of a human being. He never forgets that the artist should not rest on his laurels, that skill always needs refinement and perfection, and this is the basis for aspiration to achieving new creative heights in the profession.

His magnificent, careful attitude to painting, without effort ushers the spectator into the operation of beauty. He is trusted, the spectator shares his feelings and admirations, and that is the proof that the truth of a life sounds from his canvases.

Diya Ulyanova, Art Critic Moscow, June, 2008

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