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Personal exhibitions Rustem Stakhurskiy

Personal exhibitions Rustem Stahurskiy

Personal exhibitions Rustem Stakhurskiy

24.08.2008 - 20.09.2008
Gallery «N-Prospect»
St. Petersburg

Rustem Stahurski is an ardent admirer of "pure" painting, who makes no compromises on color and uses a vivid palette. He perceives the world emotionally, in its actual reality. On his canvases color sounds in all its completeness and saturation.

Often, he puts touches of pure colour on to the cavnas so that colour-mixing takes place not on the palette but between the canvas and the beholder. He does so because he is not capable of taking time - he hastens to catch immediately a condition in its all vivacity and unique concreteness. Brush strokes smoothly blend, softly form layers one on another. Especially brightly this manner shows up in the work "The Lonely Boat".

The artist is distinguished by the expressive manner of placing the paints, the impulse of the brush leaves a whirlwind of strokes on the canvas. Stahurskii s often takes the subjects of his works from daily lifeof Crimean streets. The Crimea is the artist's homeland, and he has devoted most of his paintings to glorifying his native land. The hot blinding sun, bestowing life on nature, and masterly strokes charge a landscape with a powerful energy. In this painting penetrated with air and light it is easy to recognize the master of water- color that Rustem Stahurskii is .In such works as "Gurzuf", "Spring", "Old Ladoga. The Spring" the master reaches surprising ease, and the dot manner of placing dabs impart greens special splendour. Rustem Stahurskii would not concede to anything less than the maximum - he invariably prefers pure tones only in his painting, and he never darkens them.

Besides Crimean sceneries so loved by the artist, in his painting he turns his attention to views of Montenegro, creates a series of urban views of New York. The artist has also created a number of portraits of people close to him.

A special predilection of the artist is representation of bays with the harmonious verticals of masts which confidently cut the air space. Whiteness of yachts against background of deep blue waters and the lilac bulk of mountains imparts the whole scenery solemn and at the same time festive sentiments. Here one can mention such works, as "The Sunny Day in Kotor ", "Yachts at Coast", " At Coast of Kotor ", "At coast of Budva ", etc.

Rustem Stahurskii, with his love and praise of the beauty and harmony of the world around, could not help turning to the representation of flowers fields in blossom and juicy fruits. In these pictures the artist sounds most brightly and originally. This joyful perception of the surrounding reality can be observed in works: "Lilac", "The Spring Still-Life", "Apples on a Window Sill", "The Wild Flowers Still-Life", "Small Village", "The Crimea.A Sunny Valley", etc. Amazing in its beauty "the Blossoming Lilac" is built on a combination of two bright spots of color - a snow-white mud hut and a gently pink lilac. In "Field flowers" no separate daubs are seen , but an alloy of densely placed paints. In this picture there are no familiar outlines of forms, but an integral stream, verve of the first impression.

Rustem Stahurskii can be rightly regarded as a present-day impressionist. In his works he does not go deep into philosophical questions, does not pack his paintings with symbols. His trump card - is the merits of the pictorial layer itself .The integrity and originality of the artists talent shows up in his experiments with the manner of painting. His works emanate a surprising charge of energy, a positive spirit, a holiday of a life. Rustem Stahurskii is a poet of the south nature, a poet of the sun and life.

Ekaterina Goudze

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