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Inkatov Sergey V.

Art work and biography Born in Baku in 1971.

Studied in the Art School of Baku for two years. In 1992 graduated from Venetsianov Art School in Tver.

Personal exhibitions

2002 — «Russian Dramatic Theatre», Tallinn.
2002 — «Obu» Gallery, Tartu, Estonia.
2003 — «Galerie passage», Tallinn, Estonia.
2003 — Hall of the Union of Artists of Estonia, Tallinn.
2004 — «Art-link», Tallinn, Estonia.
2005 — Portland, USA.
2006 — «Hammond» Gallery, Tallinn.
2006 — Paradoja gallery, Madrid, Spain.
2007 — hall of the Union of Artists of Estonia, Tallinn.
2008 — «Wiirth» Gallery, Germany.
2008 — «Akmens zenklai», Vilnius, Lithuania. 2008 — exhibition «Torcul», Barcelona, Spain.
2008 — «Aedvilja galerii», Tallinn.
2009 — Museum of Narva, Estonia.
2009 — «Marziart gallery», Hamburg, Germany. 2009 — «N-prospect» Gallery, St.-Petersburg, Russia

At present time S. Inkatov lives and works in Estonia. He actively cooperates with national and European galleries. Artwork of the author is widely presented in Spain, USA, Czech Republic, Latvia, Lithuania, England and Russia. His masterpieces are held in Tallinn City Administration, and in Art Museum of Narva.

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