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Kolotilov Aleksandr A.

Was born in 1946. He lost his parents early and was brought up in children's home. The talent of the painter revealed in his childhood so he was devoting a lot of time to drawing. Full of enthusiasm, he read books about Russian artists-realists -Y.Savrasov, V.Polenov, I.Levitan, K.Korovin...

At a mature age Kolotilov supplemented his self-education with studying at Abramtsevsky art-industrial school, which he graduated in 1968.

In 1974 was invited as a teacher to his "native" school. At the same time the artist continued his painter studies in the Stroganov art school, which he successfully graduated in 1977.

All the leisure time he dedicated to work sketches. He painted passionately on the plain-air, as though he tried to preserve the beauty of beloved landscapes near Moscow on his canvases. After certain time Kolotilov worked out a unique "lively" manner of landscape painting, which combines the direct perception of the view (some sort of impressionism) with the deep artistic and philosophical understanding of the lyrical and epic character of the nature. The latter is typical for the nature of Middle Russia and was often used in the Moscow school. A. Kolotilov, being a talented and original painter, remains an artist whose creations reflect the basic features of the contemporary Russian plain-air painting. The artist accurately conveys the characteristic aspects of the object by using the technique of the "wide brush", that allows to indicate the very value of color on the canvas. His still-life is also quite attractive and joyful, filled with the artistic and emotional expressiveness, with the freshness of the perception of the nature. The painter constantly works with the St. Petersburg "N-Prospect" Art Gallery.

1968 - Army Forces service.
1971 - entered into the Stroganov College on the Design faculty.
1974 - starting teaching work in his "native" school, the artist continued to comprehend secrets of skill of the painter in Stroganov school which also has successfully finished in 1977.
1974-1990 - Years of studying and teaching.
From 1988 - exhibitions.

From 1994 - Works at the Children Art School, Town of Pushkin.

Held many exhibitions in Great Britain, France, Belgium, Slovakia. Paintings are in the private collections. 2008 - Personal exhibition at the "N-Prospect" Art Gallery, St. Petersburg, Russia.

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